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Solid Insulated Tiled Conservatory Roofs in North Somerset

“Absolutely amazing company, friendly, reliable and did a brilliant job of our steep driveway with block pavings. We’ve had so many compliments and we’re so pleased with it. Definitely recommend. Thank you Ben and team.”
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Its an eternal complaint heard from householders about their conservatories – they’re too cold in winter and sweltering in summer; basically, a waste of unusable space for most of the year.

There is a way, though, to turn that problematic conservatory into the favourite room in the house, bright and comfortable all year round. You can have the thermally inefficient glass or polycarbonate roof replaced with an insulated solid tiled roof.

If you have a cheerless conservatory in Weston-Super-Mare BS22, Clevedon BS21, Portishead BS20, Nailsea BS48 or Burnham-on-Sea TA8 speak to BLS Groundworks about cheering it up considerably with a solid composite roof.

A conservatory solid roof conversion is affordable and quick, improving the aesthetics of your conservatory and incorporating it as a more permanent extension to your living space. It also means your conservatory will be kept at a constant temperature no matter what the season.


Almost all existing conservatories are suitable for conversion to solid roof conservatories. We can carry out an assessment to make sure the existing framework can carry the weight of a new solid roof, and if not it is usually possible to make adjustments and strengthen the structure so you can have a stylish new tiled roof put on your conservatory. We use light materials and composite tiles, so weight is usually not a problem.

The good news is that planning permission is not required because a conservatory, even with a solid roof, is classed as permitted development.

Your versatile newly roofed insulated conservatory can be put to a variety of uses – a home office, playroom, craft room, dining room or just a pleasant, useful extension of your living space.

We are the local experts in Weston-Super-Mare and across North Somerset for conservatory solid roof conversions, with a long list of extremely satisfied customers who are enjoying their transformed conservatories. You could too – just get in touch for a free no-obligation quotation.

Call BLS Groundworks on 07887 884563 to bring your conservatory in from the cold.


Besides upgrading the thermal properties of your conservatory, investing in a conversion to a solid tiled roof brings numerous other benefits:

  • With a tiled roof a conservatory adds aesthetic and financial value to your home.
  • A solid roof prevents heat loss through the roof of the conservatory, and the impact is felt through the whole house – energy costs are reduced.
  • There won’t be any noise from rain or hail drumming on the roof of the conservatory, which can be quite deafening with a polycarbonate roof during a storm.
  • The harsh glare of sunlight through the roof will be cut out, so furniture won’t fade.
    Condensation inside the conservatory will be eliminated.
  • A tiled roof is low maintenance and won’t need washing off a couple of times a year like glass or polycarbonate, and it is far less likely to spring a leak.

If you’re tempted by the idea of upgrading your tired, old-fashioned conservatory why not speak to us about the options available for transforming your glass extension into a permanent fixture that enhances your property and improves your lifestyle.

Free no-obligation quotations for conservatory solid roof conversions – call 07887 884563

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